Monday, March 12, 2007


Hi friends,,,
Now a days every body r talking that India is developing rapidly with GDP next to China.But if u see the statistics from UNO more than 60%don't have drinking water,more than 60% children r facing malnutrition,most of the Indian lives with less than a 1$ per day.Where the GDP is going,its simply making rich to be more rich,creating major Social inequality among Indians.Coz is always policies from the politicians.

If we see the present politics,,more than 80% of politicians back ground is rowdies,gonads and criminals in our India.Their policies r hampering India from becoming a really developed country with non availability of basic needs to the common man,what is called as social inequality.

Now a days if u talk to any student,he will say that he will become doctor or engineer etc.We will see less than 1% of students who want to become a politician in future.To prevent this,i want all the people to encourage students to know,learn and become politicians.All educational courses must include Indian politics lessons irrespective of their course. Whenever most of the students say that,i want to become politician when i grow up,,problem will be solved.We can see a really motivated,well educated,non criminal back grounded persons as our leaders and their policies will lead to social equality.

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