Tuesday, March 13, 2007


As we know that education is very very important in personal development.When i was a child, government institutions used to have lot of value than private institutions.But now ,its opposite.More than 80% students students of middle class society r now schooling in private institutions,big financial stress to the middle class people(some schools r charging rs 10,000/month).So what made this change?Is it the quality of education?No,its wrong. There r many people in the past from government schools, they became great persons of our country(Our president:Abdul Kalam)

Government shud look for improvement of govt.schools by:filling the vacant posts of the staff,shud offer good salaries to the teachers to attract talented teachers to work in govt.schools,shud introduce new subjects similar to private schools like,swimmimg,arts,international languages,international games etc(These r the only few advantages available with private schools).Its duty of the govt.to develop govt.schools and to protect people from financial stress.

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