Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Investing in real estate is always good choice.Coming to the real estate in Hyderabad ,prices r now so high,,increased about 1000 times since last 5 years.The main reason behind is increase in investments from NRI s (.Dollars and Pounds) inadition to the government decisions like going for Inter national airport,Outer ring road and the limit for investments by international companies has been upgraded.What ever it may be,prices r touching the sky.For a middle class man its difficult to buy any property.But its wrong.Always there will be cheaper lands in the outer spaces,tomorrow they will become heart of the city.For example if u take Kondapur,it was a village, now its prime land in Hyderabad.
I think its better time to buy also,coz of telangana rates r static.If the thing is solved,,once again we can expect the rates will go so high.In my view,its better to buy through bank loan and get insurance or titled whatever is possible.Finally beware of brokers ,now in Hyderabad we can see at least one mediator per 2 houses.Below r the few free sites u can post Ur's classified for free,,and u can look for properties also.

There r many sites,,,buy property today and enjoy tomorrow.

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Arabi said...

You should also check a website bharathrentals.com which focuses on rental properties in India. I used it and was surprised by its quality and the ease of use

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