Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hyderabad psychiatrist

Hi friends,,
whats normal?whats abnormal or when a person requires psychiatric counselling?do i need to see a psychiatrist?
Every body will have different personalities,,,ones personality ,attitude differs from others. one person will be happy to sit alone,one person may feel happy only with groups,but,both these persons r not abnormal.According to the psychiatry, we will call abnormal only when, there is gross disturbance of :
1.Biological life:(sleep,appetite,sex,over anxious,,etc)
2.social life(behaviour with other people:Quarreling,fighting,beating,dis tractable,gross negligence of self etc)
3.occupational life.
If any body thinks that there is gross disturbance in any of the above quoted domains WITHOUT ANY REASON, they definitely needs psychiatric consultation.Even if anybody feel that they r inconvenient about anything(personal life/occupational life),there is nothing wrong to consult and take advice from a psychiatrist.so,,i think u got my point.

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