Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Medical education-Hyderabad

Hi friends,,
Now one of the burning topics in Hyderabad is,private medical colleges.As u know one of our past CM wanted to go for private medical colleges in A.P. coz most of ours revenue is going out of our state to Karnataka or other places.So he introduced private medical colleges program.Do u know who own those medical colleges?Politicians,Liquor contractors or some other rich people.So medical education went in to hands of private people ,in addition to Corporate nursing homes.We already seeing in our local TVs that,during inspections by MCI ,these medical colleges will be filled by RENTED doctors and rented patients in order to show the statistics and to get permission from the MCI(medical council of India).When the media tried to shoot the reality,they were manhandled&injured physically.
So my point is:are private medical colleges are meant for earning money to so and so persons or meant for creating more doctors to serve the society?If there r no good number of doctors and patients,from where medical students learns medical education?Do they serve society better?Is ours past CM s goal is full filled?Why don't ours Government shud cancel those private medical colleges and look for alternate resources to build government medical colleges as of now,revenue to the Government is increased thousands of times,when compared to past.

In my view Health is the most important thing.Why not our government focus on this issue.


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