Monday, March 5, 2007


Hi friends,,,
Hottest topic now in Hyderabad is Telangana.We know that this movement is not new one,under dormitory stage for many years and came out now.Is it the voice from the people who hails from telangana or from the only specific people?What ever it may be,if it succeeds what will happen to common people?In my view nothing.only 1 to 10% of political lobbing people will be benefited.Poor people remains same without basic needs.We can see now how India is projected in the international market,,,its GDP is growing at more than 13% for the 3 consecutive years,,next to China and far better than USA.But if we see the statistics from UNO,India is facing severe problems of illiteracy,no safe drinking water,mall nutrition,very low per ca pita income,worlds highest prevalence of H.i.v.Then,to where ours GDP is going?Very simple,rich people r becoming still rich,poor becoming more poor.So people first think about the permanent solutions to cure social inequality.By simply separating in to smaller states will not solve the problem,only can give chance of more number of Chief ministers/Ministres.(Jarkhand/Uttaranchl,,,did beat under development/social inequality?)

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